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Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm | Saturday: 8am – 12pm | Sunday: Closed

1000 Gregg St., Building 1, Carnegie, PA 15106

Jeffrey Druzak

Jeffrey Druzak born and raised in Beaver County, PA, he attended Geneva College, Robert Morris, and AIU along the way. Most of his career was in the medical supply industry starting when he was in Michigan with Medline Industries in 1984. Both in the Hospital Supply Division and then at the very beginning of Medline’s Long Term Health Care Division. 

In 1986 he accepted an offer as an area sales manager for the state of Michigan for Whitestone Products, the first company to manufacturer disposable incontinent care products. He would become salesman of the year for the nation and asked to be transferred back to the Pittsburgh area where he was from. Whitestone Products was sold twice within 6 months. Therefore, in 1990, Jeffrey Druzak started Druzak Medical, Inc., and became one of the largest medical supply companies in the industry with 6 warehouse locations starting in the Pittsburgh area and stretching down to Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Some of his successes and awards along the way were:


Became a top sales rep for Lanier - 3M Selling Photo Copiers


Hired at Medline Industries, reaching the top 2% of over 180 representatives


Started Druzak Medical, Inc. and worked closely with Nader Damaghi from FQP to develop NAPS , an adult disposable brief. This relationship was so strong, that First Quality Products didn’t just give Druzak Medical, Inc, a partnership of the year award, but instead gave them a partnership of the decade award in 1999.


Druzak Medical became the First Medical Supply company in the World to have an on-line shopping cart, which also included customer sales reporting, called the Treetop Shopper.


Featured on PBS’s World Business Review, hosted by former General Alexander Haig, for innovative efforts in the development of the Treetop Shopper.


SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Mid-Atlantic Region, which encompasses the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, the District of Columbia, and includes six district offices.

He was a guest speaker at Duquesne University’s Entrepreneurial Growth Conference. Continued as a speaker in classrooms at Robert Morris College, Geneva College, and Center Area High School. Topics of discussion have included business ethics, banking, and finance, and becoming an entrepreneur.


Received the Benjamin Franklin Award for Entrepreneurial Success in Beaver County.

Jeff Druzak was Featured in Repertoire, Dynamic Business and SBN magazines.


Nominated by National City Bank and a finalist award winner for the 2004 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Realizing Business Potential Award, sponsored by Microsoft.

Started Druzak Properties, LP


October 28, was Inducted into Center High School Hall of Fame


Sold Druzak Medical, Inc. on September 12 to McKesson Surgical and accepted position as V.P. Business Development. Primary responsibility to help with transition and work within all departments pertaining to Home Care.


In November of 2012 Jeff Druzak purchased Dukane Radiator & Sheetmetal Solutions. The company manufactured parts and re-manufactured parts for the Transit Bus and School Bus industry. Joshua Druzak, his son, and now V.P. of Druzak Auto Parts, LP, was the main reason for this, as Joshua Druzak holds a degree in High Performance Auto Mechanics. However, the company had a difficult time with the imported part industry and then Covid turned the company into a losing proposition. The experience was important to understand manufacturing of metal products. Joshua Druzak, the V.P., and Greg Wall, General Manager, were heavily involved and understood the industry very well. This led to purchasing and working with a 4,000-Watt CO2 Laser and in other areas of product development capabilities. It also helped in creativity into a sideline business “Redvana” that was started to fill the void created in the loss of business at Dukane Radiator within the Transit and School industry. Greg Wall was instrumental in that business using a smaller fiber optic laser that helped to create many other items. The overall experience at Dukane Radiator led into the relationship that evolved into the manufacturing of the Coremax 48. Although Dukane Radiator and Redvana were shut down at the end of 2022, it has helped the overall experience a customer receives at the new entity Druzak Auto Pats., aka 1-800-Radiator.


On October 23, 2013 Jeff Druzak got into the restaurant business and opened a franchise for Quaker Steak & Lube in State College. He is currently the 100% owner of this franchise restaurant today.


In November of 2020, Jeff Druzak created Druzak Auto Parts, LLC which purchased a distribution company called 1-800-Radiator of Pittsburgh. The idea was to put this new entity together with Dukane Radiator. That took over 2 years to accomplish but occurred by the 3rd quarter of 2022. That location is the current one at 1000 Gregg St. in Carnegie, PA. Jeff Druzak created Druzak Properties specifically for construction and owning of property.

Druzak Properties, LP, was first used during the construction of the first building build on the south side of Ambridge, PA for Druzak Medical, Inc…Later it was used in the purchase and reconstruction of the Center Plaza project that moved the Druzak Medical, Inc. headquarters from Ambridge, PA to Aliquippa, PA. It has since purchased and sold the building in Bethel Park, PA that housed Dukane Radiator and Sheetmetal, along with the purchase and reconstruction of the two warehouse buildings in Carnegie, PA. The two buildings, we once owned and operated by Superior Steel and later occupied Super Bolt. The one building is a 28,000 SF building that now leases out the space to DSI, Inc., while the other is a 48,000 SF building and office building that is home to the new entity Druzak Auto Parts, LP, aka (1-800-Radiator of Pittsburgh).

The locations it had owned were the Center Plaza, which was sold directly after Jeff Druzak sold Druzak Medical to McKesson Surgical. Located off the Center Exit of 376, it now houses many businesses, but the sale was primarily to the BCRC, which is the Beaver County Rehabilitation Center.  The entire plaza was revamped by Jeff Druzak and Len Kutzko, who was his V.P. of Druzak Medical, Inc. when the Plaza was completed in 2004. 

Today, Druzak Auto Parts, LP has a very knowledgeable work staff that isn’t limited to one area, but in every area of the company

The future for Druzak Auto Parts (aka 1-800-Radiator of Pittsburgh), is to increase the use of technology and to work with manufacturers more closely to obtain the best quality products. Our success will lead to larger volumes, larger inventories, lower prices, and better outcomes for our customers.